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Active ingredientSuvorexant
  • Orexin Receptor Antagonists
  • Neurotransmitter Agents
  • Miscellaneous Anxiolytics Sedatives and Hypnotics
  • 20 mg Oral Tablet film coated
  • 15 mg Oral Tablet
  • 5 mg Oral Tablet film coated
  • 15 mg Oral Tablet film coated
  • 20 mg Oral Tablet
  • 5 mg Oral Tablet
  • 10 mg Oral Tablet film coated
  • 10 mg Oral Tablet
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Belsomra is used to treat or relieve symptoms of the following diseases: Sleeplessness,

Suvorexant is a sleep medicine that helps regulate your sleep and wake cycle.

Belsomra is a drug made in Australia, Japan, Russian Federation, United States. You need a doctor's prescription to buy it. But its analogues can be bought online anywhere in the world without going to a specialist.

Suvorexant is a complete analogue of Belsomra. It has the same composition, dosage and methods of use. Also Suvorexant has a lower cost compared to Belsomra.

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For Insomnia: "I had a terrible experience but I kind of think it was a poor choice of the psychiatrist who prescribed it to me. I was having a bad mixed bipolar episode and hadn't slept more than 3 hours per night in over a month. I had voices but they were in my head. I was hospitalized. They gave me suvorexant. I didn't sleep. The voices became actual voices telling me to kill myself. I was yelling at them, had thought blocking and disordered speech like I was psychotic. I was sent to a locked ward and I can't remember much about what happened until 3 days later. It was pretty traumatic. I don't think this med should be used in people who are manic or who have bipolar."

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