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Active ingredientBaclofen
  • Central Nervous System Depressants
  • Amino Acids
  • Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
  • 10 mg Oral Tablet
  • 20 mg Oral Tablet
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Baclopar is used to treat or relieve symptoms of the following diseases: Flexor spasm, Reversible Spasticity, Severe cerebral origin Spasticity, Muscle pains, Severe spinal cord origin Spasticity, Arthralgia/joint pain,

Baclofen is a muscle relaxer and an antispasmodic agent.

Baclopar is a drug made in Ireland. You need a doctor's prescription to buy it. But its analogues can be bought online anywhere in the world without going to a specialist.

Baclofen is a complete analogue of Baclopar. It has the same composition, dosage and methods of use. Also Baclofen has a lower cost compared to Baclopar.

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For Muscle Spasm: "My doctor prescribed this medication for my elbow. I've been having pain with extension/ flexion, and I have psoriasis so I think that may be the cause. Anywho, I started this last night while I wait on my dermatology referral. I slept great last night. However, I woke up in a fog. I could barely function at all. Luckily, I put it all aside just to take my kids to school. After I got home, I got ready to go to the gym and fell asleep on the bed, with my shoes still on. I am still feeling the effects of it and I will not be taking it again."

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