Coffee with rosacea: benefit or harm?

A new study found that increasing coffee consumption with rosacea is beneficial due to pronounced antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects..

According to the authors themselves, they expected to see the opposite result..

“This is an amazing discovery. Hot drinks have always been considered rosacea triggers that exacerbate inflammation. Coffee was never on the list of medical nutrition for this disease - on the contrary, dermatologists advised to limit it, ”commented Dr. Rajani Katta, an American dermatologist, on the results..

Although coffee was considered a harmful drink in rosacea, scientists have discovered the anti-inflammatory effects of the combination of caffeine and polyphenols found in coffee. That's why a traditional, rather than a decaffeinated drink or chocolate, is potentially good for your skin..

The second explanation for the benefits of traditional coffee is a narrowing of the skin vessels (as opposed to kidney, coronary, and cerebral!), Which reduces blood flow to the surface of the skin. Finally, the drink regulates the activity of immune cells and is a powerful antioxidant - this is important when taken regularly.

The researchers also noted that the caffeine alkaloid helps balance hormones involved in the development of rosacea - catecholamines (norepinephrine and adrenaline) on the one hand, and corticosteroids (cortisol) on the other.

What other doctors say?

We managed to find the comments of famous foreign dermatologists who expressed their attitude to the use of the drink in people with skin problems.

“As a dermatologist, I find this study interesting, but I’m not going to recommend my patients drink four cups of coffee a day to control rosacea. Along with the benefits, it can cause tachycardia and other side effects, ”says Patricia Farris, a professor at Tulane University in Louisiana.

Dr. Katta adds that heart palpitations are far from the only consequence of taking large doses of coffee..

Firstly, some people are more sensitive to caffeine, and they often have insomnia, nervous agitation and other phenomena..

Secondly, many people do not like to drink black coffee - this leads to an unjustified increase in the consumption of sugar, cream and other not too useful additives.

The best advice? Stick to a reasonable amount of coffee.

“Despite the benefits of coffee with rosacea, pay attention to supplements. Two teaspoons, multiplied by four cups per day - this is already exceeding the norm recommended by the World Health Organization. If you drink coffee drinks (like what Starbucks serves), then one serving may contain the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar or more, ”Dr. Catta warns.

Dermatologist's advice for rosacea

Although the positive news certainly pleased lovers of the aromatic drink, doctors unanimously say: skin treatment should not be limited to diet. Dr. Farris recommends the active use of local medications and laser therapy for rosacea. Combining these methods with the right balanced diet will almost always produce excellent results..

“For patients with reddening of the skin, there are topical remedies that constrict blood vessels at the site of application and limit blood flow. A new product from the US market is Rhofade (oxymetazoline) cream, which is applied every 12 hours and can be used safely every day, ”says the dermatologist.

Laser therapy for rosacea has also shown high clinical efficacy, but the method is less convenient because it requires a visit to the hospital.

Dr. Katta focuses on rosacea prevention principles.

“You should avoid triggers that cause an exacerbation of the disease in you. For example, excessive exposure to sunlight or overheating (prolonged sweaty workouts in the gym), as well as certain foods and drinks, ”says the doctor.

Coffee with rosacea: benefit or harm?

Is it worth it to drink coffee with rosacea?

Classic caffeinated coffee helps with rosacea, but in the presence of chronic diseases it is worth discussing its benefits and risks with your doctor..

“If you already drink coffee and love this drink, the results of the study confirm the benefits of your habit for the skin. Just limit yourself to four cups a day, don’t drink it too hot and watch what you add to the cup and how much, ”the authors of the project recommend.

Five explanations of the benefits of coffee with rosacea:

- anti-inflammatory action of coffee

- regulation of immunity

- narrowing of the peripheral vessels of the skin

- normalization of hormonal balance

- protection of cells from oxidative stress

Finally, take into account the old recommendations of doctors. If you are just sitting down for coffee, do it gradually and make sure that it does not exacerbate the symptoms of the disease and does not cause other undesirable reactions.

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