American scientists have found that the popular celecoxib arthritis medicine (Celebrex) helps with depression, enhancing the effect of antidepressants.

A report was published at the Fifth International Congress of Psychiatry and Neuroscience in Athens, according to which the combination of celecoxib with other drugs leads to a more pronounced and faster decrease in symptoms of depression in patients with bipolar disorder.

A recent study involved patients with bipolar disorder aged 18-65.

Subjects were randomly divided into two groups: the first received the antidepressant escitalopram + celecoxib, and the second gave the same antidepressant + placebo.

Both groups responded positively to treatment, but the first group showed better results: 73% of the participants achieved a reduction in symptoms of depression by at least 50%. In the control group, only 45% of participants achieved such results..

“Celecoxib prevents resistance to therapy and enhances the response to antidepressants in general. Such a combination, if used as early as possible, can significantly improve the neuroprogressive course of bipolar disorder, ”the authors said..

In addition to reducing the level of depression, scientists noted a quick recovery of patients. Usually, the stable effect of antidepressants develops within 4-6 weeks. During the study, depression began to recede in the first week of therapy, which is a kind of record.

Details of the work are published on the website of Loyola University in Chicago.

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